UI/UX Design Experience Audible and Kindle

Last fall, I enrolled in the Darden MBA for Executives program at the University of Virginia. Between family, friends, a full-time job, and business school, I have very little time. I enjoy reading about technology, finance, and startups, but since the start of school, I have not been able to keep up on my personal reading.

I wanted to leverage my driving time, so I started purchasing audiobooks on Amazon’s Audible site. I have the Audible app on my phone and iPad. I am also able to log in online over a web browser and access my complete Audible library. I have the Kindle version of my Audible books in my Kindle library.

Last week, I was listening to Zero to One by Peter Thiel on Audible, and I wanted to highlight the key points in my Kindle version of the book. I noticed when I opened the Kindle version; the page was in sync with the Audible version.

The next day, I heard a couple more salient points in the audiobook version. When I opened the Kindle app to highlight the points, I noticed the Kindle book opened to the exact page where I left off in the Audible version. This feature amazes me.

Amazon has hit a home run with the user interface, user experience, and integration of Audible and Kindle. 

Jean Jacques Borno

Darden MBA for Executives Class of 2017